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Regular and consistent daily attention and exercise are key to your pet’s
long, happy and healthy life. We’re here to take the leash while you’re away.

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Walk SLO

Dog Walking and Other Pet Services

Let us walk the extra mile for you and your pets in San Luis Obispo County. As well as dog walking we offer complete pet care and dog training service to ensure that your pets get both the mental and physical exercise they need to stay happy and healthy. We help eliminate stress… for both you and your pet. With Walk SLO, your furry friend enjoys the care s/he needs, right in the comfort of your own home. Walk SLO is also great for those who need assistance caring for their special canine and feline companions. We offer our services (and love) dogs and cats of all ages, sizes and breeds.

You can relax, knowing that:

  • Walk SLO dog walking  Your pet will be loved and taken care of while you’re away, right in the comfort of your own home.
  • Walk SLO dog walking  Your dog will be less likely to mess in the house because he’ll be let out regularly.
  • Walk SLO dog walking  We’re licensed, bonded and insured.

Benefits for your dog:

  • Walk SLO dog walking  They get both mental and physical stimulation.
  • Walk SLO  Regular exercise will release excess energy and result in a more calm dog.
  • Walk SLO dog walking  Regular dog walking is a good way to socialize your dog.
  • Walk SLO do walking  Having someone check on your dog will help minimize separation anxiety.